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    January 20, 2008


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    So, where next???

    I've been talking about Manchu Picchu for a couple years and a trip to Iguazu Falls looks logistically feasible.

    Mark Wiseman

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a unit to get Dialysis in Ibiza, the 2 units on Global Dialysis both don't supply anymore, can you help?
    Do you know of ant other units
    You can email me back any time

    Bill Peckham

    Mark when I went there was a Salud Care in Santa Eulalia del Río but it does look like they've closed up shop because Ibiza is not mentioned on the Salud Care website.

    I did a Google search for "Santa Eulalia del Río dialysis" and see a number of hotels touting nearby dialysis. It maybe these are out of date sites or they may have some local knowledge that someone has taken over the provision of dialysis. One of the hotels may know what is going on - that is my only suggestion. Good luck. Does it have to be Ibiza?


    Any info on picking up home dialysis bags in Mexico... ie.. Puarta Vallarta? Cabo? Playa del Carmen?


    How do medical insurances cover all your travels? I have BCBS of georgia. Can ordinary blue collar workers on dialsis travel too or is it a rich person option only?

    Bill Peckham

    All my travel abroad was reimbursed through insurance gained by working out of the carpenter's union. I had good timing in that when I was doing most of my foreign travel (late '90s) the dollar was strong by historical standards (while for the last 7 years the dollar has been much weaker). I mostly did Rick Steves style travel - spending nights in youth hostels, on trains or even in one case on the floor of a train station. Those days aren't coming back - I'm getting soft.

    On January 3 I'm leaving on a cruise with about a dozen other NxStagers. I should be adding Belize and Honduras to this life time list of countries. The criuse is about $100 a day with tax but before side trips, travel to Miami and booze. Union work allows that at least once a year.

    John Ryan

    i TOO WANT TO GET TO Manchu Pichu, but have to dialise every 2 days. Are there any dialysis centres near to MP where I can obtain such a service??

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