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March 25, 2008


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Can you help me find contact information for the dialysis facility in Fiji?

Bill Peckham

I think the unit is located at The Fiji CWM Hospital; The email for the Kidney Foundation of Fiji is kidney@connect.com.fj

Rachel if you need someone to visit to inspect the unit I am available.


Thank you again for your help, Bill!

Here is some additional contact information for patients that might want to travel to the Fiji Islands in the future:

Fiji Dialysis Centre
CWM Hospital
Suva, Fiji
Phone: +679 3100020 or +679 3215284
Fax: +679 3100020

The cost per treatment (as of April 2009) is set at 500 Fiji Dollars which currently converts to $227.19 USD. (www.xe.com will provide an up-to-date exchange rate conversion.)

If you are a dialysis patient that is looking to travel there, simply email me at rachel.perdue@fmc-na.com or contact the facility directly for their transient packet.

Thank you again!

Sham Ratty

I am making an equiry on behalf of one of our renal patients in Seattle who is planning on visiting family in Suva City for 1 to 2 months.
Patient is a retired civil servant, former employee of the ministry of agriculture. Any information will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Bill Peckham

Rachel gave the definitive way for you to set up treatments. See her comment directly above yours.

I'd ask the hospital about the whole prior civil service angle. Maybe he'd be entitled to state sponsored treatments or at least some sort of good guy rate.

I take it you're not at the Northwest Kidney Centers because if you were, you could take advantage of their highly skilled visitor dialysis services.

All these trips - and numerous incenter trips I took in the US, all my many trips - probably something like 100 trips - were facilitated by the most awesome dialysis transient coordinator in the business. Without Cheryl it would have been a lot less fun to organize all that travel.

I wish everyone dialyzed at the Northwest Kidney Centers but I know that isn't possible. Instead, I'll wish all dialysis providers followed the Northwest Kidney Centers model.

Saawan Nath

how much would it cost me to do dialysis in fiji
my name is yatindra

Domeenic Adkins

Dear Sir
I have a company that wishes to build a new dialysis center in Samoa along with a housing facility for 8 units to serve part of the pacific Islands and another one typical in Micronesia for the other islands and maybe one inbetwe3en aabout mid point. These clinics will teach diabetis, kidney and home machine use with generator and battery backup with top of the line water treatment. We will supply home units whear cdlinics are not aavailable. The patient and family can travel to the clienics that have housing as neeeded for treatment. We will set up all equipment , train and have traveling Doctor to check on paitents. This network is needed and we need all the information you may have on cost to travel for treatment, approx number of need of service, and treatment cost in the Picific islands. We will be working with the leading mfgs and a team that is working on this project at present. Thank You Domenic Adkins President of Pacific Angles, Inc Please email me direct adkinsuschina@gmail.com

Paula Michele

I am a social worker trying to help an illegal alien back to Fiji. He needs dialysis, but has no funding for it. I am glad to know there is a dialysis centre there, but I need access for him to have a doctor there & medical financial assistance. Any help is appreciated!

joshita sami

I have a sister in-law in suva fiji that needs dialysis, family was told she is at the end stage of renal failure.is there any hope for her from Fiji government. We would like to know if there is any sort of funding available.

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