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    September 16, 2009


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    A. Nonimus

    Punishment for any failure to get health insurance through the income tax return is Unconstitutional and therefore llegal

    Determination of guilt or innocence and punishment for guilt is the job of the judicial branch. The IRS is not part of the Judicial branch.

    Punishment without access to the courts violates he prohibition against bills of attainder and the 14th Amendment requirement for "due process".

    Since you will be punished without being charged and not given the opportunity to defend yourself, you are deprived of your right to defend yourself ad your property.

    The right to remain silent as protected by the 5th Amendment extends to proceedings involving fines, penalties and forfeitures. In other words you cannot be punished for failing to disclose if you have health insurance, and you cannot be PUNISHED for failing to provide that information, as any punishment for a failure to provide information is a "compelling" against the right to remain silent and such a "compelling" is forbidden by the 5th Amendment.

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