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    January 14, 2010


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    roberta mikles

    Bill thanks for the detailed account. What has been most discouraging for me is that there were so many patients and/or family members who knew nothing of the PPS. Many providers did not educate patients as to the changes that would potentially affect them, or even refer them to the internet information (CMS, Federal Register, etc). This, for me, is sad. I spoke with many who had no idea this was happening. In fact, I even offered to go around to other units in our county (our provider)and give patients information. My request was apparently directed to corporate ---with no response.............


    I would like to hear from people on pd. dialysis. you think is better to do home-hemo than pd.

    Bill Peckham

    Considering people using PD out number those using HHD it was surprising how few of those who use PD commented. I think the majority of PD comments had to do with the elimination of Method II.

    Which is better? That's probably the most discussed question on internet discussion groups and listservs. I think each person has to decide for themselves.

    munsif ali from pakistan

    hi, I am munsif ali from pakistan. i am serving as driver to a patient, who takes dialysis three times a week. This process has made him so grumpy that he just makes hue and cry over nothing.

    I read somewhere, that there is also dialysis of drugs, where separate procedure is adopted, should the patient go through dialysis of drugs procedure.

    johnny ace allen

    I have just found out my kidneys are failing and I have to start dialysis soon after reading all the comments on hemodialysis I am strongly considering doing the home treatment rather than going to s dialysis center. I am 46 soon 47 March 30th of 2014. My sister goes to dialysis center 3x week she has lost part leg and big toe, I have been going to the Beverly wound clinic for about a year now for wounds air casts and note. O have been a diabetic since April of 2000. Well what should I do home or clinic treatments?

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