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January 08, 2010


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Peter Laird, MD

Great video Bill. I hope you all have a great finish to this spectacular week not only for all that have gone, but also as our representatives of what dialysis can be. Perhaps more will take notice from the week at sea.

Linda Gromko, MD

Bill - my blood pressure is falling ever-so-gently as I watch your beach scenes scroll by...what a great trip! Plus - what a wonderful example of what can be done. Sign us up for Alaska! Linda

Rich Berkowitz

I wouldn't have called it a "tumble" -- at least I don't remember it that way. Sue was never in real danger. Ah, the power of the pen to make me out to be the ogre.

I had trouble to first time I went out to try snorkeling. I thought the snorkel had a valve to stop water from coming in of you went too far under water, but the one I borrowed from a friend didn't have one. The ones others rented also were "wet" tubes, but most knew how to use them. I was taking in salt water. But Bill got me out a second time and helped me experience what I most wanted to do on the cruise. We went out pretty far. I felt him tug me in different directions a couple of times. It was amazing. We saw a slew of differently colored fish and a school of pink irridescent large fish swam right in front of my mask -- absolutely beautiful. There was a ball of fish lying around some coral at the bottom. I think we were in about 20 feet deep sections of the clearest water I've ever been in, being able to see to the bottom. I did get to see one of the statutes Bill referred to. I eventually took in some water (myt throat started to burn) and Bill helped get me to shore. It was such a great time. Before I snorkel again, I will be buying a "dry" snorkel so I won't have that problem again. I'll be having the film Billed talked abuot developed as it wsn't digital. I tied to take some pictures of Bill diving far below the surface. I hope they came out.

Bill Peckham

Rich you're referring to the Belize post. I remember it as being an hour from the port of a small Central American country - far, far, far from medical care let alone home.

I remember telling my Mom to grab the railing and when she was about half way down a 12 foot ramp that was at about a 30 degree slant, I recall you tripped with your first or second step and grabbed on to my 76 year old, post stroke, post heart valve replacement Mom to stop yourself from going head over heals on to the dock.

I also recall you saying "Don't worry Sue I got you" instead of "Oh my god! I am so sorry!!".

That's how I remember it.

Rich Berkowitz

Oh there? I thought you were referring to when we were on the river boat. Yes, that was a tumble. Sorry about that. But I did grab on to her and held her back from falling as well, even though I was responsible for her nearly falling in the first place.

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