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    January 10, 2010


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    Despite Tamika, Sounds like everyone had a great time. This goes to show that Anything is possible with NxStage. We have Freedom we would not have otherwise...
    Thanks to all who put this cruise together including Bill, Rich, Pat and Nxstage for its Delivery of Supplies.....
    Cant wait for the Next Event. As long as its on dry ground and doesnt involve a boat rocking up and down, I will do my best to be there.....

    Welcome Back Cruisers.....


    Rich Berkowitz

    @Brian... we're already beginning to plan the dry ground events. Please give us your 2 cents worth. I was also booked with Miami Sunshine to the airport, but Bill suggested we just take a taxi. Once again his advice war right on! We got to the airport fine, but that's where the trouble began. Bill had his Allen and I had my Luciano DiLorenzo, Badge 1056604. He was an American Airlines supervisor who refused to let our medical equipment go free and insisted we pay for oversized baggage. He would not listen to reason and was incredibly rude. AA will definitiely hear about him from me. Of course I didn;t stop there and saw an AA employee dressed in a sportcoat instead of a uniform. It turned out he was a higher up at the airport. He interceded and we got the cycler and other bag carrying medical equipment and supplies on then. Sorry Luciano, but you will be made an example to other airline personnel that we can fly with our equipment going no charge.

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