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    January 03, 2010


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    Bon Voyage NxStagers!


    Glad to see everyone and their equipment made it in once piece!!! Here is to a New Freedom with NxStage!! Have a Great Trip

    roberta mikles

    Hope you all have a WONDERFUL time.. ENJOY

    roberta mikles

    Melissa Darnley

    Congratulations to the organizers and all those pioneering this trip. Have a wonderful time.


    Bill - So happy you're out there doing this. As someone who has traveled a bit with a NxStage machine, I know how daunting it is for one person to go anywhere, let alone 8. Congrats on yet another leap forward in patient advocation. You do a great service to us all just by being you.
    Thanks again!


    Can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Bon Voyage.

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