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January 10, 2010


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Kamal Shah

Amazing Bill! You truly are an inspiration! Now, can you do something to get NxStage to get the System One to India?!

Peter Laird, MD

Bill, what an amazing testimony of what a person can experience and accomplish even on dialysis. Go Bill, Go!!!


Thats quite a marathon, I bet Nano dialysis would even make life much much easier, no need to haul 50 pound machine nor supplies..

Rich Berkowitz

Hmm, not sure what countries I dialyzed in, but now can say I've visited four while on dialysis. My list now has Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. The 2010 Freedom Cruise started my personal log of countries visited. I hope to travel with Bill to more.

Erich Ditschman

Now that you have been on NxStage for some time, how do you feel when you travel abroad and have to revert back to traditional three times a week dialysis? Is it frustrating not to feel as well as you are use to on daily nocturnal?


Bill Peckham

I haven't traveled incenter since starting nocturnal Erich but I've had the same basic issue since I was went to the B Braun in '01. And even before that switching from incenter at the Northwest Kidney Centers often meant getting less good dialysis.

But I do acknowledge the situation ... for one I switch back to a strict incenter diet which has always been too bad since eating experimentally is a lot of fun when you're abroad. When I had insurance through the union they had no problem paying for every other day treatments or back to back treatments (4/week) and that helps quite a bit. As does, most of the time, using a large incenter artificial kidney and a high incenter dialysate flow.

But the number one thing is that travel, to me, is a drug and when I am traveling for fun somewhere new, taking in a kaleidoscope of new experiences ... it really doesn't matter how I feel - well that whole Nepal thing - in my experience, most times, enthusiasm trumps uremia.


How did you orgainse you dialysis in kusadasi my partner has been to marmaris before but finding it hard to get a hold of kusadasi hospital. can you help. my email address is shelleysymon@yahoo.co.uk if you can.

Sancar Eke

Michelle, I am Bills's friend who used to work in Kusadasi Hospital many many years ago, I shall be happy to contact them for you, if you want to reach them yourself their phone # 90-256-6131313. Please email me at ekesancar@gmail.com.

Bill Peckham

Thank you for your help Sancar. Michelle here is an article I wrote after my 2000 trip to Turkey

Des Bezuidenhout


You need to visit South Africa again. Then we can meet and have a "braai"(BBQ). Let me know when you come this way again then we can have dialysis together.I have a very complete list of ALL the dialysis centres here in SA. if you need it for someone else.

Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.


Glyn Winn

Hi Bill,
In Canada we don't have the NXStage and my husband does nocturnal home hemo, usually six nights a week. The last time he switched to in-centre when we were on holidays, all of those old constraints can rushing back; watching his fluid intake and restricting his diet, the low period after the run -- really a full day lost. Have you found centres willing to do four sessions of four hour runs per week when you were traveling prior to the NXStage? We're heading for a family reunion in Mexico next Xmas and the location will be determined by quality of dialysis.
Last autumn we were able to travel within our province with the dialysis machine in our RV. We camped on the sandy beach in the city of Penticton, the centre of wine country in British Columbia. Waking to the waves lapping a few feet away was incredible. The water system was excellent. We've now booked a trip to Los Angeles in April where my husband will do nocturnal in-centre dialysis. That will be a first for us but we're hoping to find more units outside of North America that can supply that kind of extensive treatment

K. William

Hello Bill -

We are planning on a trip to Spain in the fall, and wondered if any health insurance / Medicare might help pay for dialysis? Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

Orlando Perez

I have the same questions as Bill, since we love traveling through Spain. I looked at all the centers there, but can't find information on costs for people who are paying cash.

Bill Peckham

Medicare will not pay anything towards dialysis outside of the US. Medicare only reimburses for dialysis provided at units it can have inspected - which is why reimbursement is not available abroad or even on dialysis cruises that occur entirely in US waters or leave/return from/to a US port.

As far as the cost, Orlando, it has been nearly 15 years since I traveled in Spain but as far as I remember the cost per treatment was in the neighborhood of 300 Euros. I think it is possible that if you identify yourself as being an unreimbursed self pay dialyzor they may give you a better deal.


I would like to plan a trip to South Africa, could you recommend the best international health insurance to cover my dialysis there.

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