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February 22, 2010


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Kathe LeBeau

Love it... especially the trained care partner ! :)

Rich Berkowitz

This will be my third NxStage get together, not counting the one at sea. I'll be there hoping more people connect with NxStageUsers. At each of these events we pick up more members. I'm looking forward to Seattle.

Brian Steele-Sierk

I'll be there- I'm going to be on the panel earlier in the day as well.

Miriam Lippel Blum

I bet my trained care partners would love to hang out with yours. :-)

Kathy Heffner

I am going to try to make it...... scares me to drive to Seattle....its such a big town... LOL

Bill Peckham

Of all the places to go in Seattle the Sheraton is straight forward to get to from the south. Driving north up I-5 you want to be all the way to to the left lane by the time you're in the area of exit 163 (which goes to West Seattle).

As you get closer to downtown the far left lane, the car pool lane, leads to the express lanes going north or ends if the express lanes are closed - Friday afternoons they'd be open. The second lane to the left, the far left lane that isn't the car pool lane, turns into an exit only lane for 6th Avenue. You want to exit here.

As you come up to the light at the end of the exit there are two lanes, you want to be in the right lane and at the light veer to the right and on to 6th Avenue. The Sheridan is on the right, about 2 blocks down, on 6th Avenue.

You can park in the Sheraton, they have valet, I think it cost $20. But the less expensive option is to park across the street in the City Center garage.

6th Avenue is one way so stay to the left to park at City Center (the garage after the Washington Athletic Club"s garage, also on the left) or stay to the right to use the Sheraton valet. Getting back on I-5 to head south is straight forward too so to attend doesn't involve too much exposure to Seattle city driving.

Alternatively, you can now park down by the airport and take the light rail downtown - this might be the least expensive way, kinda fun too, and less stressful. I haven't rode the rails yet, I'd like to, the station is easy to get to - just go like you'd go to the airport only exit for International Boulevard. There is a Park and Ride right there.

Kathy Heffner

You cant get that type of information from google.....thx Bill......


This is great that NxStage is holding this event for the Seattle crowd. The only thing is that it seems like any get together with NxStage, the information is "top secret" and no one is permitted to say disclose what was discussed...

Just a reminder that there is a community of NxStagers on the web. If you are interested in speaking with other NxStagers, please visit www.nxstageusrs.com/forum

I'm sure the company is limited in its events it can have for its users but that doesn't mean we as users cant get together and plan. The Freedom Cruise is a Great Example that it can be done......

On another note, cant wait to see Bill's Blogs from Seattle.....

Tom Palandrani

HELP! We are being denied passage on Royal Caribbean because my father is a NXStage patient. They tell us that 3 consectutive days at sea is too great of a risk. Royal Caribbean is the only one who has concern. NXStage and his doctors see no risk. Easy thing to do would be to switch cruise lines but with 35 people and a wedding booked we are trying to avoid switching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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