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March 16, 2010


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To change or not to change, that is the question.

Bill Peckham

I think the bill is step down a path we have to travel, as hard as that journey seems. We're just going to have to face the hard questions this process revealed as a price of being human.

Continuing to ignore the many perversities of the current system arrangement is the worst choice.

Lori Hartwell

Allowing everyone to have access to insurance (especially pre-existing conditions) is a step in the right direction. But, I am not sure if it solves the problem of transplants recipients having access to immunosuppressant medications. What if the rates are so high people can't afford it or they don't have the funds for premiums or copays?

Bill Peckham

There is expanded coverage through Medicaid too. The premiums should be the same for everyone in the exchange - more precisely everyone will have the same options. And the coverage will be more than just the meds - post Tx you need physician coverage too, not to mention insurance if something goes wrong.

I think the base coverage would encompass most immunosuppressant drugs and routine post Tx care. Part of what this bill does is define what is minimally needed to call something acceptable insurance.

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