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    Joel Topf

    how do I contact Tracy Kaply?

    joel topf

    Kitty Abraham

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    Sheila Dineen

    Hello..I am an old friend of Vidal Alcolea's from Torontoand I have just today discovered his blog on his dialysis. Is there an archive of his blogs? Can I get a message to him with my contact info through your site here?My name is Sheila Dineen and I can be reached at gilligan.joy @shaw.ca Thank you and I hope Vidal is much better now.

    Nathan Kyle

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    Judith Yarrow

    Dear Bill,
    I have been on HD for 3 years and like to travel. So far I have received dialysis in 5 different countries.
    My doctor has been encouraging me to start a blog because he thinks my experiences are unique. After seeing your travel list I realized that my experiences are not unique.
    I now want to like to consider traveling within the states. Unfortunately, I have had several really bad experiences so I am reluctant to do so. I am looking for information that will tell me more than just the morbidity rate and clearances for a specific unit. Is there any information out there that will provide me with more in depth descriptions of units within the states.

    Bill Peckham

    Hi Judith

    It's hard to tell what a unit is like from a distance. Even the same unit can change from shift to shift because so much of the experience depends on the people, the staff.

    That said, my provider Northwest Kidney Centers provides some good info. Both information from the federal government http://nwkidney.org/nkc/aboutUs/quality/federal.html and the results of patient surveys http://nwkidney.org/nkc/aboutUs/quality/2010_Patient_Survey.html unfortunately Northwest Kidney Centers is an exception (a singular exception as far as I know).

    Those federal reports, the Dialysis Facility Reports, are produced for each unit but it is up to the unit to make them public. You could try asking a unit you're interested in visiting if they would provide you with their DFR but most likely staff at the units don't even know they exist.

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