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    jack nowicki

    Hey Bill ~ are you following too many blogs to continue your practice of making a one-sentence review of their recent posts? I really liked that feature of your work...


    jack nowicki

    Nevermind! I just read your reviews. Somehow lost them for a minute. DUH. JN

    Bill Peckham

    I'm glad you like the Blog Reports Jack. The list is growing and I'd say that those listed are posting more so tracking it all has become a bigger job. The point is to encourage and connect online participation so more is good.

    My strategy for dealing with the growth is to try to do three reports a week because after four days (like yesterday's report) there is a lot of ground to cover.

    The other strategy is to get others to do reports. I can get Anna to do them when I beat her at Scrabble, maybe I can get other guest blog reporters too.


    Hi! It's nice to know that there are people like you spreading the news of Kidney Disease. I'm a CKD patient from the Philippines and I have a blog, Dialysis Postings, that serves as a journal of life in dialysis. Looking forward to reading more of your articles. More power!

    PKD Notes

    Hi, I have polycystic kidney disease as well as a bunch of other chronic conditions, and have started a blog on things to do with PKD especially as related to being an e-patient, online communites, and surrounding issues. And also some uniquely Australian issues, as that's where I live. It's at


    I started a blog for my husband recently who has been back on dialysis for almost 5 years. I'd love for it to be added to you list if you see fit.

    Thank you!

    Sebastião R Ferreira-Filho


    I am a nephrologist in Brazil. I have been writting a webpage for nephro people (phisicians, nurses, patiwents)since 1999 and it is called Medonline.
    There are some interviews in english but the majority of text is in portuguese language. If you want to put the adress of this page in your list, I would appreciate very much.

    Bill Peckham

    Dr. Ferreira-Filho I have added MED Online to the List of CKD Resources.

    Jason Tully

    Hi, I'm a dialysis patient and I blog about the experience of the treatment and going through the transplant process. Check it out @

    Dr Sidharth Sethi

    Hi Bill

    I am a pediatric nephrologist from India. I have made a Blog for dissemination of information to patients, fellows and physicians.

    I am linking your wonderful blog, please do link me in this blog's list

    Dr Sidharth Sethi


    Can you provide me your perspective on the service and care quality on
    parameters such as patient care/comfort, staff behavior, clinical
    environment, infrastructure of the clinic, cost-effectiveness, patient
    trust, transparency in operations and value added services (such as meal
    planning, health plan guidance etc.) of various renal service providers
    which include: Fresenius (Nephrocare), B. Braun Avitum, Diaevrum and IDC.

    I am eagerly look forward for your reply.

    Best regards,

    Nipun Jain

    Kenar Jhaveri

    Hey Bill
    Thanks for Linking Nephronpower to your list
    Love your blog;

    Tejas Desai, MD

    Hi Bill.

    Here at East Carolina University, we've created an evidence-based teaching website in Nephrology. It is targeted towards physicians, trainees, physician extenders, and patients. Take a look at our site and perhaps we can work together to spread the word on kidney disease treatments and preventions.


    Joe Macomber

    Hey Bill, Wondering if my Blog could be included?

    Shari G

    Hi Bill,
    Do you have any blogs specifically written by dialysis nurses or social workers? - Shari G

    Bill Peckham

    I use to track As the Pump turned but Kim moved on - do you have one for me?

    Shari G

    No, I couldn't find any.

    David Waddington

    Great sight. Especially enjoyed reading Ann Bennett's account of her transplant as I received mine just a couple days before she did. Everything has gone great until I had a confirmed diagnosis of BK Virus a month ago. I was surprised that I had not heard of it, since it primarily affects those with Renal Transplants.

    I have posted my experience with PKD, dialysis transplant and now BK Virus on

    Thanks for your work.


    This site was a great find. My boyfriend is in stage 4 CKD - FSGS. We recently decided to blog about our journey, as we move through the process of evaluation to be put on the transplant list and beyond. I am new to the world of CKD (as well as new to blogging) and have been attempting to research and read as much as possible. This site is fantastic for helping organize a community of people. Thank you!

    Bill Peckham

    Do you want to share your URL Yomi? Or is your blog already listed? I am trying to keep the list going even as the blog reports are on hiatus. Keep the URLS coming.

    That said I somehow over looked your comment David. I think I was rafting at the time (: .. Surviving PKD has been added. If I do this again, if you post your URL and nothing happens, something has gone wrong with my communication systems, aka I spaced, please try again.

    Shannon Beardsley, MD

    Hello Bill,

    I'm an interventional radiologist in Jacksonville, Florida. A big part of my practice is management of dialysis access (catheters, fistulae and grafts). I'm writing to you though with a different cap on, that of product developer. I really was troubled by the condition of the dialysis catheters I was changing for infection/poor flow rates -- mainly the problem of adhesive sticking to the catheter and then catching dirt, fibers, hair, etc., I spent a few years just working with different ideas, but finallly was able to get my act together and design and find a manufacturer for a pretty slick, comfortable and antibacterial cover which I think will be a true service. I'll be debuting the product (an my new attempt at being a businessman/salesman?) at the National Kidney Foundation meeting this April.

    I'm not sure of the appropriate etiquette for your blog so please don't post this if it's not appropriate for your site -- just delete it. Otherwise, my website should be live in the next week or so if you'd be interested to see the cover ( Best wishes,

    Shannon Beardsley, MD

    Miriam Lippel Blum

    Dr. Beardsley,

    The link to your site above has typo errors and so doesn't work. The corrected URL is

    Good luck with your venture.

    Miriam Lippel Blum

    Gary Smith

    Hi Bill,

    I started hemodialysis a little over six months ago and found this site through the I Hate Dialysis message board, This site is a great resource and I visit once a week to get caught up.

    Recently I felt the need to write about my own experiences with kidney failure at posting regularly, if not in quantity. (The family was getting tired of my focus on dialysis!) I try to approach dialysis as a good thing, which it has been for me, and provide relevant information for anyone who finds the site.

    Hope you have a chance to visit — the light will be on.



    Jane Ingram

    My 92 year old (almost) is facing dialysis and I need to know of any draw backs. I'm fighting my sister on whether to have her have the treatment. Sis is convinced the treatments would be "worse than hell". I can't believe that.

    Really useful site, thanks Bill. My own blog on CKD is


    I am that former student who could not donate to Jerry. I was devastated when I was informed I was eliminated as a donor. I was working with Jay and Jerry in hopes of spreading the word on donating organs to people in need. I pray Jerry will get the kidney he needs and Jay's work will help get the word out about donating. Thanks for the story.



    I'm an English woman that when to the USA for a clinical trial in Atlanta, where I recieved a kidney at 20 years old. I wrote about my motivation for doing so and how I was diagnosed and what it was like going through school facially disfigured. I plan to keep it regularly updated.

    My blog url is;

    Bill Peckham

    The URL for Peter's blog, HemoDoc, has been updated. Please let me know if you'd like a URL changed.

    Anuj Gupta

    It's nice that you are continuously increasing awareness on kidney transplant in India. Thanks a lot for your support.

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