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January 04, 2008


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Rich Berkowitz

Bill, although I don't really care what I'm called as long as I can continue doing it, I truly enjoyed the post and glad your reasoning ability is as sharp as the end of a needle. But as a "dialyzor" using button holes, I am not as sharp as you. But I still look forward to discussing further at Sarkis's where sharp knives are also dull.


Thanks Rich. I use buttonholes too. In this photo the buttonhole needle is sharper than two out three of the objects.


I am happy to use the term dialyser and understand where you are coming from now with the use of 'consumer' I dislike the term 'patient' intensely. The use of 'z' in words is very rare here in Australia and in Great Britain too.We tend to use 's' where you guys use 'z' but I am willing to start getting 'dialyzer' used out here in Aussieland.


See even then I reverted to typing dialyser when i meant to write dialyzer. I just never have typed a z before!


Thanks Mel, I accept the Oz spelling dialysor. We're use to an occasional out of place 'u' or an 'ae' combination when dealing with the Commonwealth. No worries.

So do you call them sippers and sebras? And when people snore do they hiss? I was there for over eight weeks but I didn't pick up on this.


Ha ha okay we do slip in a few zzzzzzzz's now and then. It is just that I don't think I have ever had cause to type the word 'zipper'before today!

Miriam Lippel Blum

Call me anything you like...just don't call me late to dinner! :-)

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