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April 23, 2008


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Hmm, I'm "guilty" of eating a lot of fast food. But, I am doing pretty well; I stick to 1 small hamburger (no quarter pounders), a small drink (usually iced tea, but occasionally cola), and if, on the rare occasion I do get fries, I get them without salt.

I've found that I eventually got used to the renal diet, and now don't mind it. I do miss some of the phosphorous containing foods, but I occasionally cheat, and that gets me through.

Bill Peckham

Don't sweat the small stuff - it took me a number of years to ween myself off the golden arches. Now when I give in I walk up and order both the meat and the fries with no salt - and I have to admit when I give in it's to a Quarter Pounder.

With daily extended overnight treatments there is much less to control but I'm trying to keep my good habits. The main thing is balance and moderation.

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