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August 14, 2008


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Rich Berkowitz

Anna, thanks for the wonderful plug. We're trying to get more people to take advantage of the HDC Webinars. From last November when I first thought we should be using the internet as an interactive education tool to when John Agar and I started playing with the WIZiQ platform, we've been on a personal missioin to get more people into it.

Dr. Sprague is my neph and I credit him with saving my life as he fought for me to get me on home hemo. I'm sure participants will learn a tremendous amount as he is reknown for his specialty in renal bone disease.

We also have a commitment from my cardiologist to do a session on ESRD and Heart Disease, focussing on left ventricular hypertrophy. That should be happening in October.

In September, Todd Ing is scheduled to do a session on Volume and Blood Pressure.

Anna Bennett

Thanks for all of your hard work to make this possible Rich.

I am a very strong advocate for education. The more that we learn about what is happening to our bodies, the stronger we are, both physically and emotionally. Anyone suffering from a chronic condition owes it to themselves to be proactive, and webinars help on many levels, it allows people to learn, and interact. (I actually gave one of my nephs a really hard time about not seeing Dr. Agar's first session live, so that when I went to discuss antegrade/antegrade cannulation with him, he had to go back and watch the archive - not the first time that a patient has educated her Dr. But it definitely keeps him on his toes)

I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming sessions, all subjects that impact my every day life.


Thanks for this. Rich (Jester on my forums) has encouraged me to tell as many people as people and I am glad this is posted on as many sites and blogs as it is! :)

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