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August 30, 2008


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Peter Laird

Happy birthday Bill, great post. May you enjoy many more happy birthdays as well as that for your mother.

Very Best Birthday Wishes
Also, thank you for DFTSEOTN
I've learned so much from you
(my s/o is a dialyzor)

Rich Berkowitz

Bill. a very happy birthday to you. I'm so glad that Sue is back home. Let's have breakfast or lunch when you get a respite from caring for her. Even though I got sick the last time we ate at Sarki's I would be game again, or we can stop by Walker Bros. for thos scrumptious pancakes.

Also, if you're running out of supplies, I'll see what I can do for you with my Wellbound clinic.

Roberta Mikles, Patient Advocate

Bill, First, I am so glad that your mom is back home and doing well. Your are so right about family. It sounds like an emotional whirlwind, that which you experienced in your trip, but also sounds like you had much support. I wish your mother continued well-being. And 45 is not as bad as the big '50'...(smiling)

As you, and everyone else, are aware, I believe there are wonderful, good dialysis facilities (offering incenter and home) that live up to all patient expectations of quality safe care. However, I also believe that many facilities do not! Many patients have seen a failed system, either incenter or home dialysis. What are the true priorities? Developing new Conditions that unless there are surveys conducted no one will know if facilities are in compliance? So, what good are new Conditions? Will there be compliance with minimal ovesight? Prior surveys have indicated, often, there are problems.Is every effort made to ensure that those patients who want home dialysis are being afforded the opportunity to do so? Our elected officials must realize that there is much that happens within the dialysis community that they might, just might be UNAWARE of. And, Anna's situation is just one, of many.
Perhaps elected officials need to read each and every survey report that was conducted in their state. This would clearly show that there is more to quality safe care than the clinical performance measures (which are needed and do show level of care). Something must be done to repair a broken system and not just a bandaid approach. We need more facilities for more patients but we must ensure that those existing facilities are in compliance. Elected officials can visit all the facilities they want, and, perhaps those facilities will be on their best behavior, so, my suggestion is that, again, they review survey findings and speak to those such as Anna, and others, who have truly experienced not what any elected official would want themself or a familiy member to experience.
It just seems that many of the problems continue and are ongoing even since Senator Grassley's involvement back in 2000.
Providers can improve care and provide care that is quality and safe in delivery and still have a large profit base.. it can be done. The question all providers must ask is "Is this the care that I would want myself or my loved one to receive?" This must be in the back of their minds all the time with each and every situation.
All patients must be offered home dialysis as an alternative and all efforts (provider) must be made to ensure those individuals who so desire home dialysis will be able to do such. We must all work together to improve a broken system. Roberta Mikles, Director, Health Care Patient Advocates RMiklesRN@aol.com

Kelly (aka CosmicKelly)

Just wanted to take a minute and wish you a very Happy 45th Birthday!! Hopefully, your mom will be fully recovered and back to her young self, soon!! Thinking of you both, Kelly Harrington :)

Melissa Darnley

That was a very moving post Bill. You managed to evoke all the emotions of having ups and downs, birthdays, coping with crisis, joys of long haul trips and the love of friends,family and last ut not least, dogs!

So glad to hear your Mother is on the improve. Have a truly wonderful birthday.
Love Melissa


Happy Birthday, fellow 45 year old! :-) And Mama Peckham, great to have you feeling better! It must be wonderful to have Bill at home.

Gus Castaneda

Happy happy Birthday! Keep on living!....

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