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August 08, 2008


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Melissa Darnley

Excellent post Anna. This has always been a concern of mine. Having always tried to create and dispose of waste thoughtfully I hate the fact that I am now the cause of so much waste. My only consolation is that I have alwaysgrown trees of every available spot of land we have owned. As I write I look out at the present jungle that is taking over our house. All our cardboard is turned into garden beds here or at friends and not sure how environmentally friendly this is but all our leftover dialysate goes to kill weeds. A friend uses his bicarb to freshen up his swimming pool as well!

Anna Bennett

Mel, I wish I had a jungle, my front garden is a few rose bushes, two geranium and too many NxStage boxes. (recycling only is done once a week)

Bicarb for the swimming pool! Now that is recycling that I could get used to! And dialysate weed killer. hmmm - we may be on to something - maybe "Dialyzor household hints and tips" This weekend, I had two tiles falling off in my shower, so rather than run to the hardware store for grout, I just used some of my cloth tape(normally used for putting over my bandaids and buttonholes after dialysis) I swear that I'll stop at the hardware store tonight on my way home....

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