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November 16, 2008


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Tracy Lynn

Oh, Anna, I am so happy for you. :-)

Deborah (Gibbs) Huff

hey, Anna, it's been a long time. Bernie found you. I just finished a good long read about you. So happy to hear of your successful transplant. Your mother would be pleased. Drop a line sometime. Love, your Monroe neighbor, Deborah

Nalini jodha

Hi...glad to hear about your successful transplant. I agree with you a million plus percent that Dr B and his team are AMAZING!!!! 3 weeks ago i donated my kidney to my dad and everything you wrote about is accurate and its nice to hear about someone elses experience..All the best, Nalini


What a beautiful story. You are an amazing writer. I just met Dr. B as my mom has an aortic aneurism. I liked him immediately. Sadly, he will not be the doctor to do surgery, should she be able to have it, but....I know he will send us to the right people. His office manager, June, is amazing, too. I agree with your statement that good gravitates to good. May you continue to be in good health.
Jean Harris

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