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December 14, 2008


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due to the host for angieskidney.com at urldownload.com they keep having system crashes resulting in corrupt databases with SMF. Dec for 2 full weeks we were down and now again for Jan which is looks like this may be the end for AKC because I listened to a man who said "move to a real forum! You won't lose everything that way and is more reliable than proboards! Well oddly proboards still stands ..

We are currently trying to rectify the issue with the host admin as he wants to stop support for SMF but I offered him a backup of my database so far now there is still hope of returning. THe rest of January how ever probably won't have any stats once again just like Dec.


Hi guys and girls alike! This is my only post here, but I will add more later. :)

Anyway, I'm starting a new weightloss blog dedicated to life! =) I will constantly be updating the blog with more and more special Acai Berry deals! (So exciting, heh!)

The website is: http://acaiberrydiscounts.blogspot.com

I look plan to getting to befriend everyone! =)

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