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January 07, 2009


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jack nowicki

Bill ~ related to your comment on my blog, I say in response:

Bill ~ thanks for the clarification. You are right about the 80/20 thing. The difficulty in my case was that when the social worker and I worked to finally apply, months after I knew I was able to apply, she didn't clearly state that my date would be connected to my being billed by the dialysis center. I naively thought that the whole switchover was up to me and dependent upon when I wanted to start paying the Medicare premiums: I didn't realize that on some date the facility would bill ME for dialysis... so, when I got a 900 bill I was motivated to select a medicare date that would cover that bill. So, then I got my Medicare letter saying I could start 12/07 and pay the premiums for the last year, or start 12/08 and start paying now. I want to start 9/08 and pay their premium instead of the bill from El Milagro. Does this make sense to you?

So, when I talked to the lady at SS she indicated that if I want to do anything different than what they offered in their original letter, I must "appeal". JN

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