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January 15, 2009


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Lehua Cosma

Aloha Bill,
On March 25, 2009 dialysis patients living in the remote community of Hana, received their first treatment at their new communal home, named "Hale Pomaika'i, which signifies, "The blessed Home or House". Each patient is professionally assisted with their own Health Aide, staffed by the non profit organization "Hui Laulima O Hana". The outcome is so positive, as patients no longer need to travel great distance, and the quality of life is tremendously returning. Hui Laulima O Hana, continues to rely on fundraising, donations, and grants to help compensate dialysis health aides, and pay for its utilities, and maintenance of the home. A thrift store adjacent the dialysis home, has opened in October of this year, where proceeds help to fund the unfunded services provided by Hui Laulima O Hana. The thrift shop is successful through the many help of volunteers, and the generous donation of useable and saleable items, almost anything, donors not only help HLOH to raise significant funds, but also help to provide much needed items to be recycled to those who rely on the thrift store to meet the needs of their families. We encourage many to visit our website: www.huilaulima.org and make a contribution to the first-of-its-kind communal home dialysis in Hana, Maui Hawaii... God Bless and Thank You!

Bill Peckham

Thanks for the update Lehua. I know you've worked long and hard to make this a reality. I just looked back at the old Dialysis_Support list and your first post in June 2004 when you spoke about working to get local access to dialysis.

Great Job!

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