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January 19, 2009


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Alison Hymes

I never had fluid restrictions on dialysis due to my nephrogenic D.I. and I still was on restricted sodium and potassium and still am on a low salt diet post transplant. 2,000 is the most anyone is supposed to have I always thought? So even people without fluid restrictions would be endangered by eating this recipe in my opinion.

Nancy H. Spaeth

Dr. Scribner taught all of us under his care to follow a low sodium diet of 1500 mg or less. I am fairly religious about this and believe that it has been a major factor in keeping me alive and healthy since 1959. Dr. Twardowski, a nephrologist from the kidney program at the University of Missouri gives a lecture called "Sodium is a Toxin."

Remember, we sprinkle it on things to kill infections, slugs and more.

As a nurse, I educate patients about low sodium to lower blood pressure. We know that high blood pressure makes us thirsty, causes strokes, heart attacks and destroys kidneys.

I have put salt on my poison list!

Katy Wilkens, MS,RD

Hi Nancy and Bill,
I have been telling people for 30 years we all, that is all of us, not just dialysis patients, eat too much salt....and, in spite of that, people eat more salt now than when I started working at the Northwest Kidney Centers with Dr. Scribner in 1979.
Believe me, no dietitian "Worth her salt" would ever have approved a recipe that has 1,500+ milligrams of sodium per serving. I wouldn't eat that much myself, I wouldn't feed it to my family, and I certainly wouldn't suggest it for people who are trying to limit their fluid intake. Thanks to both of you for keeping that site honest! ---Katy Wilkens, MS,RD Renal Dietitian, Northwest Kidney Centers.

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