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February 20, 2009


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You're right. I've noticed what appears to be a Fresenius 2008 HD machine in a lot of patient room scenes on House MD. Even if the machine isn't present, almost all the patients appear to have a connected AV catheter line running. Makes me wonder who is paying for product placement ;)

Miriam Lippel Blum

While I wouldn't mind having House's team available, House M.D.'s abrasive/abusive manner with his patients I could do without.

I agree with you that the portrayals of transplantation in the media really set up unrealistic expectations of it as a quick fix magic cure to CKD5, and they are so behind the times when it comes to dialysis options. Recently, here in Tucson, a newspaper ran a whole pull-out section on surviving renal failure and only mentioned in-center hemo, PD, and transplant as options. The reporter (whom I spoke to after I read her article) didn't even know there was such a thing as home hemo,let alone that there are at least 4 people doing it here.


Where's the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in all of this make-believe Dialysis TV?

With all their money, the NKF should have a Media Relations person on the case.

Bill Peckham

Is the final episode of ER going to be on World Kidney Day? It will raise awareness of dialsyis let's all hope it keeps the misconceptions to a minimum. antegrade/antegrade is a good start.

Anna Bennett

Having the ER finale on World Kidney Day would be a great, but usually a season is 22 Episodes and then wrap it all up (of have a cliff hanger season end) in Spring. (ER's last episode is April 2nd.)

I should have used the words few episodes rather than couple of episodes.

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