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February 26, 2009


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Warning spoiler ahead. Carter is waiting for a kidney transplant which he will get in the March 12 episode. But before that he will receive a visit from an old friend, Dr. Benton (guest star Eriq La Salle) who will help him in time of crisis.

Donna Menard

Dr Carter said it was a shunt in his arm, not a graft or fistula. I asked my nephro on my shift if a shunt was ever used for dialysis and he said definetly not. That's the only inconsistant part of the story I noticed.


I have found that a lot of "uninformed" physicians still refer to a shunt instead of a fistula.

Bill Peckham

It's the other doctor in the scene, Dr. Cate Banfield (Angela Bassett) who calls it a shunt. Here's a link to the scene on Hulu.

That is old terminology, the Scribner shunt is what made dialysis possible and was used into the early '80s. Back in '60s everyone used Scribner shunts if they were on maintenance dialysis. I think Anna is right that Carter is using a loop graft.

Rich Berkowitz

I haven't watched ER in many years. But since I live in Chicago, I'll volunteer to go to the hospital and visit Dr. Carter and tell him about the benefits of home dialysis and explain how NxStage works. Anybody else want to come along for the ride?

Stacy Without An E

Why does it seem like Dialysis and kidney failure are the ugly stepsisters of the medical industry? Ask the average person about cancer or diabetes and they have a pretty decent knowledge of both.

Bring up Dialysis and you get blank stares.

I applaud ER for addressing the issue of treatment and kidney transplantation with a recurring character and not some patient of the week who we'll never hear about again.

If the spoilers are true, I'm disappointed the reality won't truly be exposed: that Dialysis usually lasts for years and years while patients suffer or die due to lack of available kidneys.

I guess we can only expect so much from a scripted drama on network TV.

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