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February 06, 2009


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Kamal Shah

Excellent analogy Anna! I am going to use this to explain why I do daily nocturnal to those who express surprise.

Bill Peckham

And people with working kidneys are like those people we know who can stay fit with out any effort, while eating whatever they like.


I read this on KidneySpace.com

This is a very important article as I have often been reminded that the average person does not understand kidney disease and infact takes kidney function for granted. I remember on dialysis my cab driver telling me all I needed to do was drink more water. We can't honestly get mad at people for not knowing. But it is important to talk about kidney disease so that there is more awareness.

Also in the wake of that terrible YouTube series it is important to talk about why people on dialysis feel so tired and drained. Also even fellow kidney patients don't understand the idea of more dialysis is better. They want less and don't understand why more is better. A lot of people don't understand why herbs won't cure them and a friend of mine was actually telling me they will and that I should stop dialysis. It is hard to explain to some people.

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