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March 27, 2009


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Rich Berkowitz

That's great. Now some of the other dialysis organization need to step forward and support the first action in which ReanalWeb commented "the Congressional Kidney Caucus has never seen this large of a response from the CKD/ESRD community."

The Every Other Day Dialysis Petition is targeted and specific enough in tone to push the envelope toward more frequent dialysis. We believe the new floor should be every other day and not thrice weekly for in-center dialyzors. What's so hard to understand about that.

And, it didn't take "K" Street lobbyists; it came directly from Main St. It represents the Change many people voted for. So let's stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. Let's keep the petition alive.


Great article.....your site is quite informative

Roberta Mikles

Let us now see, and hope, that other providers follow the footsteps of Northwest Kidney Centers.

Roberta Mikles, RN, Director, Health Care Patient Advocates (advocates striving for quality safe care for all patients in all health care settings)

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