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April 01, 2009


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Rich Berkowitz

We don't know Nurse Saenz's motive. We don't know if dialyzors might have complained about her and their murders her payback. However, from being in-center for three years I know for a fact that many do not complain to either the center's management or the ESRD Network for fear a nurse or tech will be revengeful. They're literaly afraid for their own lives, and perhaps for good reason.

Miriam Lippel Blum

Every time I see an update of this story (and others like it) I am reminded of why I am doing hemo at home on my NxStage machine and how grateful I am for the privilege.

Peter Laird, MD

Rich, you are exactly correct. I have felt a duty to report failings that i have observed. Even as a physician, I have had much petty retaliation for simply urging them to do what they are supposed to do in the first place. It is very difficult to maintain independence as a patient in a dialysis unit. If you try, make sure you have thick skin and keen eyes for your machine. There are certan techs that I do not let anyware near me simply because of the fear of what they could do if they thought of it. We are at the mercy of many people that simply do not keep their fuduciary duties to us. Perhaps if we all collecgtively held them to the standards, they might wise up.

Roberta Mikles

Dr. Laird: It is sad, that you, especially a physician, are stating that you have experienced petty retaliation. This says alot about our existing system. In fact, that which I have been stating for quite some time -- retaliation is alive and well, but not well for the patient. Perhaps this is about the internal culture of each facility, as every business has its' own unique culture.
Roberta Mikles, RN

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