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August 30, 2009


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Were there any private health insurance policies in the 1970s that even covered Hemodialysis? Even today when it comes to coverage, Medicare leads and the private insurers follow.

Apparently John Graham does not need to be accurate in his facts to make his arguments.

How often does a lie need to be told before it becomes the truth?

Bill Peckham

There is a dynamic that by refuting a lie you reinforce it in the minds of people who already believe it to be true.

I think in the early days it helped to be in a union; I've assumed it was because of health insurance.

Nancy H. Spaeth

I started dialysis in 1966. My mother got a job as a social worker with the state of Washington and double covered herself with insurance. Because I was in college, her insurance covered me. When I graduated, I got a job with Washington Natural Gas and was covered by the Teamster's Union for my dialysis. Out of my wages, I paid the Seattle Artificial Kidney Center $100 per month to cover any remainder.

Today, one's private insurance covers the first, I believe, 3 years before Medicare kicks in. This has increased over the years from 18 months.

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