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August 26, 2009


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Anthony Brown


Thank you for posting this, I also found it hard to believe that Dr. Lazarus would make a comment like that after the dealings I have had with him. I am not sure who wrote the sidebar, but I found it very hard to believe that either of you had made those comments the way they were printed.

roberta mikles

Bill, I, too, thank you for your post. I do not believe that you, or Dr. Lazarus, would state such, with his, and your, involvement in this arena. My eyes OPENED WIDE as I read both statements, esp with reference to 'the indigent' statement. I know that in my many interviews with reporters that which you say is not what is written in the article, at times. Recently I asked a reported to please, when the article was finalized, to let me know what he quoted me on to ensure accuracy. He said it was not their policy to do so.

Roberta Mikles, RN Patient Advocate,
Family member of dialyzor


Using the "just spell my name right" philosophy of PR, getting the words "HOME" and "DIALYSIS" put together in a national newsletter AND having them say good things about it is hitting a home run. The rest is just details. ;-)

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