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December 15, 2009


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Miriam Lippel Blum

Great comments, Bill. I hope they listen and implement your well reasoned and actionable suggestions.


roberta mikles

Bill, as always you have articulated important aspects that will be in the best interest of patients.
Thank you for your continued devoted energy towards improving our delivery of care
Roberta Mikles, RN BA

Richie Perl

An excellent and eloquent statement of the position that many patients espouse.

Hopefully, the powers that be will heed your passionate call.

Kjellstrand fan club

Well written!

Bill Peckham

Thanks every one - it was a long process. Now we wait for CMS to release the final rule.

BTW I'd join the Kjellstrand fan club - where do I send my application?

roberta mikles

I truly wish that each person at CMS who is reviewing comments places themselves, or a loved one, in the shoes of a dialzyor. As a family member I know what my loved one has experienced as well as observing many patients in many units....however, I will never truly feel that which the dialyzor experiences.

So, again, we hope and pray that CMS thinks, "What if this was me?" Personally, I am disgusted at the entire oversight and enforcement system, or lack thereof, as I have stated for years, with little improvements as I see it. Hopefully, this final rule will add some needed-protections for dialyzors and avail more home dialysis.

As I review more surveys I realize more and more the increased need for dialyzors to do their own treatments at home -- for their own safety. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with an Education Coordinator from a LDO. I was shocked at the lack of understanding about infection control which supports my thinking, even more, that if staff are not adequately trained how can we expect a decrease in infection rates.

Roberta Mikles
Patient Safety Advocate

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