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March 30, 2010


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Division of Nephrology @ ECU

Hi Bill.

Please take a look at Nephrology On-Demand (www.nephrologyondemand.org). It's an online classroom in Nephrology managed by the faculty at East Carolina University. I think it would make a good addition to your next Dialysis and CKD Blog Report.


Sidharth Sethi

Great job Bill! Now is the Report supposed to be weekly?

I also recommend Nephrology On Demand website!

Bill Peckham

@ Sidharth Actually there is enough activity that blog reports could be done every other day, or every third day ... it's more a matter of me finding time to do it.

@ Nephrology on Demand - it is hard to link to your blog like content - the perspectives section. There does not seen to be a permanent URL for the Perspectives section. The post "What’s a Physician to do" looks interesting but how can I direct people to find it other than by writing out instructions?

Nephrology On-Demand

@ Bill: The permanent URL for the Perspectives section is: http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/nephrologyondemand/?page_id=2831

Becky Perry

Since my last post i received a kidney on the 28th of March. I'm trying to blog about it but am still recovering.

Bill Peckham

I need to do a blog report! Check Becky out here. Glad to read that you are on the mend with a new kidney.


Hi Bill, did you discontinue the blogroll? It's been more than a month now ...

Bill Peckham

Sigh - it wasn't planned.

I kinda fell off the blog report horse and have had a hard time getting back on.

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