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November 09, 2010


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roberta mikles

Congrats to Robin Fields for her dedication and passion and her continued investigative reporting in spite of obstacles encountered. Having met Robin and communicated with her, over the last several years, I can attest to her desire for patients to receive quality safe care.

Thanks to Bill and Gary for their dedication and for fixdialysis.com.

We are hopeful that with this exposure change for dialysis patients might be around the corner.

Having been an outspoken patient advocate for six years, I have brought forth problems in dialysis facilities to legislators, providers and other interested parties. What Robin is stating we all know is true and no matter how much providers profess that care is excellent, providers need to realize that many of their facilities do not provide quality safe care. Providers must realize it is OK for them to admit they have made mistakes, or even admit that care is NOT what it should be. It is also OK to listen to those who have concerns and say 'we will fix the problem'. Dialysis providers are behind the times because other healthcare providers often admit mistakes, listen closely to those who have had major concerns and work with patients to correct problems. This, apparently has not happened in the dialysis arena.
It takes the patient/designated advocate/family to work with the staff in order to prevent errors.. Patients, can and do prevent errors. Our hearts go out to those mentioned in the articles who lost a loved one to a preventable error.

Thanks to Robin Fields we hopefully will see change.

Roberta Mikles BA RN
Dialysis Patient Advocate

David W. Moskowitz MD, MA(Oxon.), FACP

It's a small world! I've talked to Roberta (above). Haven't spoken with Bill or Robin Fields yet. But in 2002 I published how to prevent diabetic and hypertensive kidney failure. The news was suppressed. The media is still waiting for somebody from the renal community to endorse my paper. Meanwhile, I haven't had a patient go on dialysis since 1994. The story is at http://tinyurl.com/healthcrime.

Subsequently, there were three confirmatory papers about the need for high doses of meds to reverse kidney failure. Those references, and my original paper, are at http://www.genomed.com/images/guyot_dec09nl.pdf

roberta mikles

Hi David, good to see your post. Perhaps you can provide more insight for many


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