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February 19, 2011


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Anna Bennett

Hope you get some food. Thanks for the live blogging. It is appreciated.

Brian Riddle


As always, thanks for taking the time to blog about the conference.....

Judy Clark

Bill - love getting the almost live information. Ver y helpful. Would love to gather any kind of info on beta2-microglobulin and its affects on health. Is more frequent dialysis helpful in removing? Do machines or kidneys make a difference on clearance of that middle molecule. Can't find much about prevention?? Thank you again for keeping us informed.

Miriam Lippel Blum

Great blogging, Bill. Good to get a little taste and summary of the proceedings for those of us who couldn't be there.


Sidharth Sethi

Great blogging Bill! Do post us on Pediatric HD too, or if you could gather some information for the Pediatric nephrologists too

Peter Laird, MD

Bill, great to see you in Phoenix and spend some time with you again. Glad to have you back in the saddle at DSEN. You caught me on the Winatchee picture, just assumed it was from the Rogue, but you are right, Scribner would have loved to have seen the day when two dialyzors could spend several days in some of the remotest country in the Pacific Northwest with a self contained machine. We have come far, much more to be done.

God bless,


Bill Peckham

@Sidharth I can't blog what I don't understand :) I listened to the Keynote Address: Stephen Vas Memorial Lectureship Etiologies, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Ultrafiltration Failure in PD presented by Simon Davies, MD. It is clear that I don't really know much about this modality. It was an interesting talk because now I understand how it is that someone can have good solute clearances while having low UF. They're different processes, which should have been obvious since they're different process in HD too. Someone else will have to provide information about what is new in PD, I'm not at all qualified.

Thanks for the Kudos everyone, my blogging skills are rusty but since this is the third live blogging of the Home Hemodialysis Symposium (I initially had the wrong course title in the title of this post (sigh)) I think it means I have to do it every year, so someone better invite me to San Antonio for the 2012 ADC!

John Agar

Good to see you at the conference, Bill. It's been a busy one. I loved Peter Laird's talk ... it was inspiring! Hopefully, it helped put the patient back in the picture.

For mine ... RIP Kt/V!

I was chuffed to see the Renal Business Today take up and run with 'Green Dialysis'. Let's hope it hits a nerve or two.

Dori Schatell

@Judy: frequency doesn't make much difference in B2m, but TIME does. Longer treatments remove more beta-2 microglobulin. They and transplant are the only things that will.

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