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August 05, 2013


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Mary COx

I'm am really excited and impressed by your successful dialysis treatment in a location that has so many deterrents and challenges. Guess the skies the limit now!


Wow you are an inspiration to people on dialysis. Read about your many travels and years on dialysis It sure gives me hope

I have been on dialysis for 10 years and l'm always encouraged when i read about other people who handle their condition without limitations

I had a laugh with you and a dialysis machine on a raft Would not have thought this would be possible but then again the world could not understand how they could not find Bin Laden and a dialysis machine in some hole

Anyway i have just started a website with a blog to educate the public on living happily with kidney disease I plan to do a travel segment and i will link people to your blog to show the sky is the limit. My website: www.claudettealexander.com

Shaun Dunn

Hey bill
My names Shaun and I've been on dylasis 4 months now and it's not getting any easier I'm so scared of dying,and people say to remain positive but it's just so hard,IVE read your story and your an inspiration I'm 39 years old and live in Australia I go for another operation to start pd in the next few weeks ,I'm always scared ,I feel like there's no hope ,I don't want to die is there any advice you can give me? I know I can't change it but I'm still coming to terms with it ! I'm reasonably fit and healthy but need to quit smoking and more exercise all my bloods are good at present but I just have so much fear of death,I don't know where else to turn .

John Williams

I have known I had chronic kidney failure for the past few years, since my doctor informed me that my GFR had dropped to 18 and to get prepared for dialysis. I thought this was very fatalistic so I started researching on my own.

I started following a diet for blood pressure related kidney failure. Two weeks later I had another blood test and my GFR was 21. After two more weeks, my GFR was 23. I was overjoyed with such fast results.

It's been 6 years since my original diagnosis and I now feel that by sticking to my diet and vitamin plan I can hold off dialysis for the rest of my life.

In case you're wondering, this website contains the diet regimen that I know follow:

Hope it helps anyone reading this!


Thanks for sharing

Anuj Gupta

Everything you have stated here Henry is right back to HUMAN factor. WE are all victims of this especially when it comes to complacency. There is not a person alive that has not suffered because of this at some time in their life. Sometimes we get a kick in the pants and are lucky to survive, as luckily you have had happen, and the old adage, learn by your mistakes comes into vogue. When we were on our trip we had one occasion where we abandoned a session all because of a bad water supply hose connection, so after that I virtually double if not triple checked every connection before each session. The other adage comes into vogue this time. " YOU CAN NEVER, NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL ".

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