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November 12, 2017


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John Agar

Oh Bill, not you ...

I have fought this fight too long. This breaks me! You ask a number of questions .. so here are my answers .. (1) it wouldnt (2) any tool that would help assist an early end (3) & (4) above all, gentle(r) volume control, but with an extra hour, or two, or more ... try an extra 3-5 ... and add alternate day, not 3 x week, and you are beginning to closing the gap ... (4) the time-dependant solutes, B2m, homocysteine, phosphate, GSa, methyl guanidine ... dont start me on the rest ... (5) above all gentle slow solute and volume readjustment ... but damn it ... you above ALL shoukd know that. So to answer (6) .. ‘what would need to happen’ .... put all those compassionateless administrators who make your f******g stupid rules on dialysis x 3 x week x 3 hrs a time (pity you cant tie their renal arteries at the same time) ... and see how they feel.

What troubles me is that you - of all people - could have put those questions. Dont worry ... not long, now, till I am out of your cllective hair - then it can be un-challenged open slather season on compassionate dialysis.

John Agar

You may want to moderate th3 f******g! [nah - ed]

Dori Schatell

Bill, the only "tool" that could make people "feel well" with 3 hours of dialysis three times a week is WORKING KIDNEYS. You know better than this.

Michelle Allan

Big up Dori & John for saying just what I was thinking xx

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