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December 07, 2017


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Gary Peterson

Perhaps the good people in Seattle would be willing to sponsor a demonstration project.

Erich Ditschman

I've been practicing self care for 12 years. I also talk to in-center patients and others about the benefits of self care every chance I get. Self care empowers dialyzors to no longer be a patient, and instead be the captain of their care team. For example, just sticking oneself, even in-center, gives the dialyzor the power. I feel a sense of pride returns. And, this pride/sense of accomplishment spills over to other aspects of one life. For a dialyzor who feels they lost control, self care, can suddenly remind her/him that they have much to offer. They can now go back to work, or step up in the home management activities–shop, cook, clean, fix things, take care of children, be a better lover, volunteer in church or the community, or simply play Bridge with one's friends with a smile instead of a frown. Thanks, Bill, for putting numbers to what I believe to be the best approach to gaining one's life back after ESRD, especially it s/he is waiting for transplant. Transplantation also requires self care. Cheers! Erich

Bill Peckham

@Gary If only it were only a matter of signing up sponsors, I can imagine so many different demonstrations projects. I'm sure Amazon or Microsoft are just waiting to associate their brands with the revolution in healthcare promised by self-centered care.

@Erich we both know that more people should be experiencing outcomes similar to ours, that is: living lives meant to be lived but for bum kidneys. The DPDA wouldn't have helped us and I don't think it will help people who want to achieve our outcomes.

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