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The Dialysis Photo Archive is under a Creative Commons License. The idea for a photo archive occurred to me as I attended the funeral for Dr. Joseph Eschbach a pioneer in CKD anemia management and home hemodialysis. The early pioneers of dialysis are aging and passing; with them many historic photos will be lost. I want to preserve the photographic history of dialysis. And there is a second problem this photo archive will address.

Right now it is typically illegal to pull a photo off a website and use it in a PowerPoint or on your own website. Under a creative commons license anyone can use the photo - a student doing a school report, someone creating a website or someone creating a PowerPoint. You just have to credit the source

My selection criteria will be any photo I think could be helpful to illustrate some aspect of dialysis. I will focus on photos of machines and processes related to dialysis, particularly photos of a historic nature. I will try my best to follow the requirements of a Creative Commons license, if you have expertise in this area I welcome help.

Aksys PHD home hemodialysis machine
Arjo Maxi 500 lift
Backflow Preventer for home dialysis
Bedded dialysis station
Central dialysate delivery system
Dialysate concentrate outlets
Dialysis self cannulation
Dialysis unit water treatment system
Floor Scale at dialysis unit
Haviland kidney Center
Medex Medfusion 2001 external infusion pump
Miscellaneous hemodialysis supplies
NxStage supplies
NxStage System One
NxStage System One 15 liter treatment supplies
NxStage System One cycler
Nxstage System One hemodialysis cycler
Posada Clinic Aruba
Tacoma News Tribune Milquist Article